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Sitan Tai Chi at the Mid-Autumn Festival in Eisenhower Park

On October 1, Nassau County held a Mid-Autumn festival in Eisenhower Park. It highlights Asian American culture, Wushu, dance, free water lanterns, giveaways, mooncakes and more in Eisenhower Park. More than 6,000 residents came to watch. The performers of Sitan Tai Chi put on a wonderful performance of traditional Chinese martial arts for the residents of the community.

During the performance, the performers of Sitan Tai Chi were the first to appear, bringing two exciting performances of traditional Chinese martial arts to the audience. The students won bursts of applause and admiration from the audience through their precise and accurate moves and standard stretch movements. At the same time, it also allows more people to appreciate the charm of Chinese martial arts and promote the better dissemination and development of Chinese martial arts.


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