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Tai Chi Society of Western New York Visit Sitan Taichi

On Sep 30th - Oct 1st, 2023, eighteen members of the Tai Chi Society of Western New York (TCSWNY) visited Sitan Tai Chi to learn from Master Sitan Chen. Master Sitan Chen gave master class of 24 and 42 forms of Tai Chi to them at his new studio. Again Sunday morning TCSWNY members joined Mater Chen's class for professional detailed instruction on 42 Forms.

Led by Honorary Chairwoman and founding coach Master Guifang Liu and the President, Theresa Brown, the TCWNY members played their Swimming Dragon Form as the exchange with Sitan Tai Chi.

TCSWNY members said this was a life change learning experience and an amazing honor and privilege to learn from the world renown Master Sitan Chen.


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